The baby turns six.. sigh

Six! Can it really be six? Is my little Lila Lulu bean really six? It cannot be possible. She keeps assuring me that it's real.

Lila started off her day with her favorite breakfast, cinnimon rolls. Followed by one of her favorite lunches, Top Ramen. Her Aunt Mandy and Cousin Alex came up to bring her presents, then it was off to dinner.

I had asked her a few days prior to her birthday what she wanted for her birthday dinner. She looked at me a bit puzzled and asked if she could get back to me. I'm thinking to myself it's not there are too many choices here in small town USA.

The next day she tells me she would like to go to Mexican food. A bit confused by her choice I ask her why did she pick that one. Her response was, "um, because they sing to you."

Right, how could I be so new not to think of the singing.

She got the singing, the hat and she couldn't be any happier. Me on the other hand, I'm a bit sad that my baby is now six.