As we are sitting at the dinner table the other night out of the clear blue sky Ellie asks me, "Do I have to have a baby in my tummy?" My first thought is, of course I want to be a grandma!!! My reply is, "No. Not everyone chooses to have a baby in their tummy." As I name a few people we know who have never had babies in their tummies. She nods with contentment and I think we have moved on. 

She is clearly not finished with this topic. As her and Lila continue to say they both don't want to have babies in their tummies, they will bet their babies from China. Which makes me totally happy to know that my kids are able to see the joy of adoption at such a young age.

Seems simple enough, right? Well the conversation goes back and fourth even more. Touching on all the usual topics like; the girls did come out of my tummy. Not all moms can keep their babies for what ever reason and that gives many parents a great chance to have a baby through adoption. Yadda Yadda. The same conversation we have had many times before.

I knew this day was coming, but you know you really are never prepared no matter how many times you have gone over it with you oldest. Lila pipes in.."How does the baby get in there any way?" Brandon and I look at each other with wide eyes as if to say, "you wanna take this one?"

Riding on the heels of Braydon just having "THE TALK" in health class. He almost spits out his food. And proceeds to share in all of his "expertise" 

Quickly I put my hand over his mouth and explain to him that the information he received in health class is by far not dinner appropriate conversation, nor is it 5 year old appropriate, nor is it his job to inform her. 

We explain it as matter of fact as we can. She nods, Ellie nods, and Lila says, "That just seems like too much trouble. I just won't have any in my tummy."

I think Brandon is thrilled beyond words at the thought of his daughter  actually not wanting to "make a baby" Me on the other hand hope they never forget...I want Grandchildren some day!!!! I don't care how they get here.