Where does the time go?

Time just keeps rushing by these days. My kids only have 3 weeks of school left. (yeah!) I'm looking forward to at least a few lazy mornings here and there. No more packing lunch boxes, signing papers, and making sure everyone has a coat. At least have a break from it for a bit.

I know I will be singing another tune about 2 weeks into vacation when they are at each others throats and all I'm doing is counting down the days until the first day of school. But, that is what us moms do.

It seems like we have been busy, but not doing a whole lot..if that makes sense. Just had the parents of my high school BFF stop by for an over nighter. We did a little wine tasting, BBQ. (Thank you poppy and Mimi for the GIANT bag of M&M's Ellie and Braydon had them for breakfast the next day) Wine and BBQ is looking like a pattern here. 

Braydon goes to a 3 day camp this week with his 5th grade class. He says he is not sure if he wants to go because the puppy will miss him. WHATEVER! I think he is just nervous to go because he really doesn't know these kids. It's a bit different then camp last year when he went with his buds. 

I have been trying to plant my garden but the dang ground squirrels keep eating the tops off my starts. I think I'm going to have to cage the plants for now or go on a squirrel hunt. We are hoping for some green peppers, tomatoes, musk melon, watermelon, and a few cucumbers. This will be my first attempt at a garden. We will see. 

I have been absolutely loving this weather we are having. Sunny and 80+ is the life for me. Truly I don't care if it's 26 degrees as long as the sun is out. Why is it so much more motivating to get up and moving for the day when the sun is out. No wonder there is so many depression issues in the Pacific Northwest. 

I really hope to be posting more to the blog. I feel like we have not been documenting our "New Normal" Over here on the east side of the state. But the sunshine just keeps me away from the computer working on my tan.