Things I have learned about wine tasting

Moving to Washington wine country has opened up a whole new world for me. I used to buy my wine a Target solely based on if the label was cute. Little did I know moving here would completely make me a wine snob. I broke open a bottle I  purchased at the local Target before I moved. Lets just say it went down the sink. I now know what I was missing, a good wine.

By no means am I an expert. My taste buds just have been open to a whole other taste. And I like it.

One of the things I have learned is, I like wine very much. exclusively red wine, until this last festival. The bottle in the middle is from Maison Bleue..YUM! The only white so far that has actually come home with me. I was hoping I didn't purchase it because I was taste happy. But, come to find out, it was really good.

The second thing I have learned is for us locals, don't go to the tasting rooms on a Saturday. All the visitors are here and it is busy.  It is nearly impossible to get to taste anything, ask questions, and enjoy the experience. On Saturdays  is not likely  you will get a second taste of a particular wine. It's best to go on Sunday or get drunk during the weekday. Wink!

Third thing I have learned is, Don't go to the tasting rooms during a festival. Unless you know for sure you are going to buy a bottle of wine, or really want to try it. Being a local, I find it a rip off that I have to pay to taste. It really cuts into the budget. 5.00 each? Some places do give you a coupon for 5.00 back on a bottle, but what if I don't want to buy a bottle and I just want to taste? There are some tasting rooms that do not charge, mostly the smaller vineyards.
It's definitely better for me to wait for the off weekend!!! Free wine!
These are my 3 favorites this week. 2007 Lemberger by Alexandria Nicole. 2008 Notre Vie by Maison Bleue, and my all time favorite, 2006 Merlot by Olsen Hills Estates. (on my 3rd bottle)