Puppy updates

Where to start? These guys are a blast to have around! (minus the puppy accidents in the house) I'll start with Mister. His name describes him to a T. He is a true gentleman. There is nothing like having a mature well behaved dog. He is so even tempered. He is so gentle with the kids. If he gets enough of their noises or constant need to touch him, he ever so politely goes to find another place to be.

When we were at the kennel, the breeder said she was leery about us taking him home since he had not been around too many kids. She also thought he needed a large fenced yard because he was a bit wild.

Turns out he loves the kids, is just happy snooping around in the back yard, and is only wild when you are wild with him.

Mister is a great addition to our family.

Then there is Murphy. Murphy is all puppy. He plays hard and sleeps hard. The potty training thing is a real hit and miss. One day he goes outside all day and the next he has accidents. Again, all puppy. He is still sleeping with Braydon and right by my side all day. 

Mister is real good with him too. Murphy will bite on Misters tail and Mister drags him across the hardwood floor. They are comical.
This is Murphy taking a little nap on the back of the couch. He really is asleep like that.