The protector of all

Tonight is a sad night. Vinny was hit by a car and did not make it. We are all very sad. 4/9/09 He will me missed very much!

I was never a fan of little dogs. When I was growing up, all the dogs we had were big outside dogs. They braved the elements 365 days a year. They were never allowed in the house, only in the garage during thunder storms.

 The one little dog we did have was a total pain and I really did not like him too much. Maybe that is what set the tone for my distaste in little dogs, until Vinny came along. 

He is very sensitive. If you even raise your voice he goes to the other room until the coast is clear. He listens when you say no and will come when you call him, as long as he is contained in his invisible fenced yard. He looses his mind and runs after cars if he is not contained. 

He really loves his kids and watches after them. These pictures are of him watching them in the front yard Sunday morning. When they come inside he greets them like it's been a month since he has seen them.

He is such a good boy.