This one word (PLIES) seems to sum up my days here. I have plies of  clean laundry, piles of dirty laundry,  piles of school papers the kids bring home, piles of mail, piles of dog hair and piles the puppy leaves behind.

I know I sound like every mom around the world, but I have never been one to let things pile up like this. Well, not the puppy and dog hair ones.

I get the kids off to school, hit the gym, come home clean the morning dishes, take the dogs out for a walk, clean up puppy messes, make beds, take a shower, throw a load of laundry in, run a couple of errands and it's time to get the kids. Where did the time go.

I admit I do look at Facebook, Prez Hilton ( gotta get the latest celeb gossip), and MSN news in the morning while the kids eat breakfast and I do check my email during the day. I don't watch daytime TV or afternoon TV for that matter. Food network is on in the background, hopefully to inspire me too cook a gourmet meal for my family.

As Brandon kisses me goodbye in the morning I hear, "Hey Honey, I need work socks." 
Crap, That means laundry again, didn't I just do that? 

When the kids get home we are having snack, homework, taking the dogs out for a walk again, and getting dinner started. Then it is showers and time for bed.

I cannot seem to catch up on all of the things in between.   

I was worried about moving to a small town that I would be bored and not have anything to do. I don't think I have to worry about that too much right now. My to do list is still a mile long.

I still haven't begun to do all the scapbooking I wanted to do. I still haven't organized the file cabinet. I still haven't made it over to the west side to visit my BFF's, Where do my days go?

The puppy isn't that much work. The kids are not that much work. Do I have a time management issue?

I thought I was more together then that. Maybe I should get off of the blog and Facebook? NAH!