Moving forward

It's funny how you let an animal into your heart. Vinny was so much a part of us in his short little life. We inter-weaved him into our daily agendas, and it never became a second thought if he was going on a road trip or if he was going camping, he was because he was one of us. 

One of the saddest things is not being greeted at the door with a happy wag or a howl, welcoming you back. 

His good night love before tucking him and Braydon in for the night and turning off the lights.

It was his own vice of chasing cars that did him in. This was only one of many brushes with death for him. He was a freak when it came to cars. It's not surprising this would be his demise

The kids are already asking for another dog. I'm not sure I'm ready. But I miss not having a dog here. Like I said he had been so much a part of us that it really feels strange. I like the knowing he would bark if someone was nosing around outside, or if the doorbell rang. Not that his little 10 pound body was going to protect us, but he was for sure our heads up.

I have been looking at other dogs to help appease the kids, it seems to be helping them. They are excited to look at pictures of puppies and the thought of bringing home another family member got them smiling and laughing. But my heart has truly not forgotten about our sweet little Vinny. *Sigh*

All of you out there, give your pets a little squeeze tonight, for me.