The biggest suckers in the world!!!!

See these 2 people here in the photo above? Suckers I tell yah. Yesterday was a good Easter Sunday for every one here in the "Why do these kids keep calling me mom?" household. 

With the recent loss of our beloved Vinny, we chose to take a look at a new puppy, but what happened? Well, I fell in love with this guy...

Meet Mister. He is a 41/2 year old Papillon. He was rescued from a breeder going out of business. He is so sweet and easy going. I could not leave there with out him. The breeder was not real crazy about us giving him a home since he had no been around too many kids. But, we changed her mind on that. By the end of the visit Mister was licking the kids and following them around. He was more then happy to go home with us, even sleeping on my lap the entire way.

My heart is a little fuller now with Mister in our lives. Oh, but wait. Remember we said we went to look at puppies?

Meet Murphy. He is a 10 week old Papillon. SUCKERS I tell you. The kids are so jacked. Me the other hand...I'm a bit busy now.