Home sweet home.

Dining room where no one eats
Front of the house looking east
Living room on the main floor where brandon and I watch TV (NO kids allowed)

I don't know if I would call it home sweet home yet, but it is our house. We are settling in nicely for the most part. 

I think I'm the only one who is a bit homesick. The other day I was really missing our other house and town. Not that there is anything wrong with this one, it just doesn't feel like home yet. I'm still trying to find my way around (not that it's big) But you know what is the most efficient routes to take the kids to school (since they are in two different school that start 10 min apart), where am I comfortable grocery shopping, and where is the best outlet for retail therapy. Again, that "New Normal" thingy. 

I asked the kids this morning if they missed our old house and their old school. They all agreed that they did not miss our old house. They say this one is way more fun. As for school Lila and Ellie miss the old school and Braydon, they only thing he missed about his old school some of his friends, but wasn't to worried because they were going to some see us over the summer.

Braydon said he didn't understand why I was asking him these silly questions about missing things. He said nothing has changed. We just live in a different house, in a different town. I still make the same breakfast, We still have the same dinners, dad still goes to work, they still go to school, and he still gets yelled at for not doing what he is told...According to him nothing has changed other then the location.

I am  happy that they are adjusting so well. Part of me wonders if they don't miss it at all, were they not happy there? We did have a lot of stresses over the past year, but was it really in the air that much that the kids felt it? 

Cheers to a fresh start!!!