Finally back online

Finally I have a computer and Internet. I felt like I was cutoff from the entire world. We also just got the TV hooked up. Almost a week with out Internet and TV... Brutal!

The move went smooth. Well, smooth enough as a move across the state can go. The morning that everything was going in the truck, we lost the cat. The movers showed up to pack the truck and she got freaked out and hid. The girls and I looked for her for over an hour. Almost had to leave her. I even called Carrie to get her on stand by in case we really did lose her. Finally she showed her face long enough for me to grab her and throw her in the car.

We stayed the first night in the trailer. I took Ellie and Braydon to their new school. Which is only 2 min from the house. Lila and I met the movers at the new house and waited for them to get cracking on getting our stuff unpacked. 

Small SAFU. They couldn't get all of our stuff in to one semi truck trailer. The other truck would be here in 3 days. I was a bit shocked. Did we really have that much stuff? Guess so because the other truck showed up on Monday, filled full. Yikes!

Everyone seems to be adjusting good. The kids all seem to like their teachers and really love their new rooms. Lila comes home from school and goes straight to her room to watch TV and play with her little pink kitchen. 

Ellie Has a new desk in her room. OMG, you would think she had won the lotto. She comes home and straight to her room to do her homework at her new desk.

Braydon's room is still under construction. His "man cave" is the entire downstairs. He pretty much has his own apartment down there. Brandon and I kid around that we better no make it too cozy or he may never move out. This weekend when Brandon has some time off we will get shelves hung and all of his stuff organized. Part of the problem was half of his stuff was on the second truck so it just got there on Monday.

As for me, I'm adjusting to small town life I guess. It hasn't really been long enough for me to get real homesick yet. I do miss my peeps back on the west side. 

This weekend while Brandon is working the kids and I are going to go to Tri-Cities to do some shopping. I will tell you then how doable this is going to be. Or if I'm going to be making lots of trips to the west side for some serious shopping.

Once I find all of my camera cables I will post some pics of our little town. It's actually pretty cute.