Which end is up?

Don't even ask me the day of the week, what time it is or what is for dinner, cuz I have no idea. I have managed to make it through the first week of living apart. The kids handled it pretty well. Even though it was only a few days. We will see how it goes when we have to go on the 7 day long stretch.

Brandon finally got the trailer situated and is staying there during the week. He managed to survive his first week living abroad. No more broken water pipes or heat malfunctions so far. 

The house hunt is over. We have found a house, made a offer, and they accepted..YIPPIE!! Now the mortgage stuff. Why is it that the mortgage stuff never goes 100% smooth no matter what.

I understand in light of all the foreclosures things and the housing market it would be difficult. If this was 2 years ago, our deal would be a slam dunk done deal, but this time we have to jump through so many hoops and write letters...I feel like I'm paper chasing for an adoption.

If all goes smooth the kids and I will be living over there in March sometime...Cross your fingers.

The kids continue to be okay with the move. I think they are excited about painting and decorating their new rooms. They each have a theme picked out...and they totally fit their personalities. 

I'm getting sort of excited about decorating a new house, but will really miss this house. This house has just felt so much like home. This is the home where we brought the girls to when they came into our lives....Sniff.

This week Brandon will be on a longer stretch of days, so the kids are a bit sad (me too) One of the things that is keeping them going is getting to spend the night with their friends while I head over to E WA to meet with a interior lady about blinds and paint, boring stuff for them...exciting for me.