Nothing real new.

Things are progressing forward in our move to Eastern Washington. Sometime this week we will sign for our house over there. The movers will be here to pack our stuff on the 4Th of March, and that we will be it. Once the truck is packed the kids and I will head over there. We then will be residents of  X-Small Town USA.

Some of the things I'm look forward to. Wine. There are 35 wineries within a 20 mile radius. Can you only imagine. Some of the best wine comes right out of out little town. 

I was chatting with one of the local peeps and she gave me a run down of events and festivals from now until September. Holy Cow! I'm gonna be drunk most of the summer.

The Columbia River is close enough for us to drop the boat in for a little wake boarding. I sort of forgot how to do that since I bought a new board 2 years ago and only have been on it once. 

Brandon's work is only 3 min from the house. Seriously, only 3 minutes. No more 45 minute commute one way in traffic. No more traffic back ups, no more 405, I-5, and  Hwy 9. I will not miss that at all. When you say you are going to be somewhere in 10 minutes, you will really be there in 10 minutes. 

I have never lived anywhere but on the west side. For the most part I have been in Washington for 25 years. With only a short stint in Oregon where I met Brandon. I would call this home. I'm sad to be leaving the trees. Not sad to be leaving the grey, dreary, cold, rain. 

I just want this to be a good positive move for us all. Brandon loves his job, loves the town, and I hope I feel the same soon.

The kids seem to be doing good with it. better then I expected. Braydon is excited that he will be in middle school next year. Lila is happy that she gets to only go to kindy for half days. Brandon told her she can hang out with me all by herself and go shopping. Ellie, she is just happy to be doing anything and anytime.

Me, I get weepy from time to time. I start thinking about how I won't have my good friends close. All my good shopping...gone (NO NORDSTROM, NO POTTERYBARN) Think of all the money we will save!!

i just don't want to lose touch with the good people I have here. I guess with all the modern technologies it's a easier then back in the day. You know when folks wrote letters with paper, envelopes and stamps. 

I will try to get some pictures up for our new town soon. It really is cute.