Yesterday morning was a little busier then normal around here while the kids were getting ready for school. Brandon was leaving to go back to Eastern Washington for work, Valentine's were being stuffed into backpacks for class "Friendship" parties. (Can't call it Valentine's Day party..might offend someone. School rules.) and I had to be dressed and ready, because I was to the "Special Person" in all three classrooms for "Special Person Day" In amongst all the chaos I make an announcement to all of my darling children. "Don't forget your snacks for your parties and your Valentine's."

As we are backing out of the driveway I look back to see that Ellie is not holding her 2 dozen cookies. I lovingly say with my lips pursed tightly, "Ellie. Where are your cookies?"
Of course she left them on the counter. No big deal I ran in gabbed them. Race back to the car and as I'm opening the door I hear Braydon reading Ellie the riot act. "Ellie it's your responsibility to remember those cookies. Your classmates and teacher are depending on you to bring what you said you were going to bring. And if we are late because YOU forgot your cookies, you owe me a dollar."

Ellie has the deer in the headlight look as he rambles on about how could she for get the cookies they are right there by the door...BLAH BLAH. 

I kindly tell him, he is not the parent and it's no big deal...relax.

I drop them off at school and as I'm driving away, not even 500 yards from the school, My phone rings. "Hey mom, it's me your son. (he says that every time he calls like I have no idea who it is.)
I forgot my Valentine's."