Good bye Guitar Hrero...Hello Facebook!!!

Since I have no time these days to work on my Guitar career. I will have to put it on hold at least until me settle into the new house.

What I do have time for (not really) Is my new obsession with Facebook. I'm totally hooked. It does not give me that same adrenaline rush as Guitar Hero, but I have reconnected with so many friends that I have lost touch with. That in it's self is exciting. One of my really good friends from HS lives in Texas. We lost touch right after HS. I tried for years to look for her, with no luck. I FOUND HER ON FACEBOOK!!! I chatted with her on the phone the other night, it's so cool.

Just this past September was my *cough, cough* 20 year reunion. I didn't go, but so many of my old classmates have posted pictures, it's almost like I was there.

Some have even posted pictures from back in high school...UGH!!

Don't worry Guitar Hero I will be back soon....We are just taking a break. It's not you, it's me. I need some space to know what I really want. We can still be friends right?