Mother nature needs to get a grip

We stared off with record snow, now we have moved to record flood. All of the mountain passes were closed, a 20 mile stretch of i-5 is closed, roads to Canada were close...We are trapped. You literally cannot get out of this state. It is sort of a strange feeling.

The news crews have been combing the town interviewing residents. May I ask, why do they interview the weirdest people? Our little town has lots of normal, well adjusted folks. Why are they not interviewing them? Instead they interview the guy who pushes the shopping cart and lives under the bridge. (for real) I guess he is part of the town, but does he really know what is going on? He thought the local drug store was a bomb shelter a few years ago.

The kids were out of school again due to flooding. Luckily they don't have to make up flood days, something about it being a national disaster. I'm starting to become concerned about their little minds. Too many days off of school and their brains will turn to mush. 

Again, I still have not had a day by myself of Guitar Hero world tour. Guess I'm going to have to put my career on hold...sigh*