It's an adventure.

The view from our potential new house in x-small town USA.

These are the words my sweet husband has been whispering in my ear for the past 3 days. The only words that seem to keep me from jumping off the ledge.

Last weekend when we were visiting Brandon's dad for his birthday, I had a genius idea. While Brandon is staying in Eastern Washington during the week, instead of renting an apartment or staying with some friends/co workers, why doesn't he pull our trailer over to the local RV park and stay in? I scare myself sometimes how smart I am. 

Might I remind you our trailer is 3 years old, still has that new trailer smell, 30 feet long, and has all of his stuff in it.

It all seemed like a genius idea, I even patted myself on the back for that one.

Saturday morning we hooked up and headed to our new community. All was exciting. We pulled into x-small town USA, parked the trailer, unpacked our stuff, and then headed out to get some dinner.

Being the non-camper woman of the world, I did not know that when propane tanks get cold they lose their pressure, in turn meaning that the propane is not getting to the furnace to heat trailer. We struggled with this on and off most of the night. Until 4 am when it went out completely. 

4am, 25 degrees, and snowing. This would be fine if it we just me and the hubby. You know we can find ways to keep warn. With three kids and a dog, not so much.

We call the local propane company to see if they can drop a bigger tank...um yeah, not open on Sunday...remember x-small town USA.

To top that off the water hose was frozen. Brandon had to buy insulation for that and duct tape the hell out of it. He says tonight he has running water.

Thank goodness for the Best Western across the street. They have heat!!! We stayed there Sunday and Monday night. Propane will drop on Wednesday.

The kids and I are back on the west side of the state, Brandon has a space heater for tonight to keep him warn until tomorrow.

I'm not sure how much of a genius my husband is thinking I am right now while freezing his butt off....sorry honey.

4 more sleeps until Brandon is home for the weekend.