5 reasons

When this Christmas vacation began I was hopeful we would survive with little to no stress, drama, tears, fights, and illness. 

My hopes where shot as the snow fell from the sky. My hopes of having just a few more days "alone" to prepare Christmas were shot. Little did I know this vacation would be the longest in history. Summer vacation never seemed this long...EVER!!

I will give you my 5 top reasons why my kids need to go back to school ASAP.

5. I'm sick of hearing, "What are we going to do today?"

4. I will scream if some one asks me 20 minutes after breakfast what is for lunch.

3. I'm tired of listening to cartoons...ALL DAY!

2. I cannot leave a room without some one asking me, "Where are you going?"

1. Because I cannot play this....

Without someone telling me how to play it, watching, me, wanting to play with me, telling me I missed a note, telling me what song to play, telling me they love that song, singing along very loud when I'm trying to learn a new song   UGH!!!  

GO BACK TO SCHOOL SO I CAN PLAY GUITAR HERO BY MYSELF!!! How will I ever advance my music career when you people are bugging me.