What a week! It started off AWESOME!! Brandon and I rocked AC/DC on Sunday. It was by far the best concert I have ever been to. Let's just say, I wanna be that rocking when I'm in my 60's.  I have a feeling that won't happen since it took me until Wednesday to get my hearing back and took me until Friday to recover from beer, food, beer, food, and staying up past my bedtime. It was so worth it! I may just pack up follow them on tour. 

This week was an exciting one for Miss Lila. She received her first Hawk Award for "Her enthusiasm for learning & thoughtfulness toward others."  She was so happy. The kids get to invite a friend to have lunch with them and a friend to have a special "Hawk recess" with. Lila choose Braydon to have lunch with her and Ellie for recess.

Braydon gave up his recess to go have lunch with his little sister. Sometimes those kids just amaze me at how much they really support each other. **This is where I beam with pride**

Ellie had her first basketball game last night. They won 20-12. She sure is feisty. She is so small compared to the other girls, but it does not stop her from taking that ball away. 
In other Ellie news. Last night we were watching a movie (We are Marshall) Great flick BTW! Anyway, I look over at Ellie and she was braiding her hair. She braided a small stand of her bangs and than proceeded to put the rest of it in a ponytail. 
If you recall, that was one of the things she was worried about after her accident. She was concerned she wouldn't be able to wear a ponytail. Guess she can stop worrying now.