Mother nature has a funny way of showing me the love.

The news flashes..."Coldest temperatures in a decade." Added by..."Record snow levels" Do you know what this means? Christmas break has now been extended. The kids have had late starts on Monday and Tuesday, No school today, and it's only obvious by the 8 inches if snow on my walkway, that we will have no school tomorrow. As my BFF put it tonight, "They kids won't go back to school until 2009." She said this not to scare me, but as a "I feel your pain sista."

So to combat a bit of cabin fever this afternoon, we did a little bit of Snow-skating. It's a snow board the size of a skateboard. Braydon and Ellie had a blast!! Me too!

This is me right before I fell right on my butt. They of course laughed their butts off.