It looks like this time of year I will only be posting to the blog once a week. Not my intention, but this seems to be all I have time for.
 This past week was fun packed. Sunday Braydon and Brandon did a little father son bonding at the Seahawk game. But you know they were not there to support the Seahawks. The New England Patriots were in town. They had 40 yard line tickets in row A. The only way you could have been closer was to be on the field. Let's say they were "Living the dream" GO PATS!! 

Monday Brandon and I dropped the kids off at school and went to do our Christmas shopping. We pretty much go everything done. I hate to say this, but by the end of the day, I was done! And you all know I LOVE shopping. It really wasn't shopping, there was too much thinking involved, trying to buy the perfect gift takes a lot of thought.

Tuesday night was Ellie's Christmas performance (Sorry, Holiday) There she is in the front row singing her heart out. She will always be a front row girl.
Thursday night was Braydon's performance. Look how thrilled he is. Before the performance's we tried to get a picture of the kids for our Christmas card. Why is it that you can never get the three of them from just smiling nice and getting it over with. My camera said we took 75 photos.

On Friday we took a little trip to the emergency walk in clinic. Lila climbed over the seat in the car and did something weird and next thing you know she knocked her head on the seat in front of her. The thing swelled up to the size of a baseball. no concussion, just a giant goose egg. Thank goodness for the Christmas card photos the night before.
Ellie had her second basketball game after the clinic visit. They won again 21-16. She now understands that she can rip the ball from the other team. She had 16 turnovers. The girl is a feisty one.
Here are the guys at the game. Happy Patriot fans.