The not so Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving.

Every year I get more excited about Christmas coming.  And every year I itch to decorate earlier and earlier. I love how the house is transformed into this other place. All of the everyday nick knacks are stored away in a closet, replaced by glittery goodness.

One of the other thing I love, is how excited the kids get when I drag all the Christmas decorations out. Each time I open another tote, the squeals get louder. "Remember that mom? I love that ornament." Each of them with their favorite. Even Ellie is reminiscing about last year and what she loved best about Christmas. Shockingly it's the tree she loved and not the presents. Lila loves the snowman mug with candy canes. Braydon, he is like me and loves everything. He can't tell me the one thing he likes best.

It makes me happy to know that we are setting traditions and memories for our kids. Each of them with something they will hold special. Even if it is the snowman mug with candy canes in it. 

I hate to say it, because I know I'm going to get made fun of, but I started decorating on Saturday. The kids and I had nothing going on. We got all the toes out and started by decorating the "kid" tree. But, it didn't stop there. By the afternoon the entire house was lit up. 

The kids have a tree with all of the ornaments they make at school and some that I have had for years. There are even some on there that my cousins made me when they were in elementary school.

I really thought I was being sneaky. No one was coming over for Thanksgiving and I could be my own weird Christmas decorating freak. Well, Not quite. We are having guests. I have been caught.

What do I tell these guest? That I have issues? Santa made me do it? 

Note to self... Make sure you are not having Thanksgiving guests, before you obsess about holiday decorating on the 15Th of November.

Would it be too much to play Christmas music while we ate Thanksgiving dinner? I need therapy.