Let the parties begin.

Every year I always feel like once the middle of October hits, life goes in full speed. Not that it's not full speed around here any other month. But, once Fall hits the birthdays, holidays, and everything in between seem to add more to the plate. Throw in a few holiday concerts, class parties, cocktail parties, and also AC/DC, I feel like I should just drink egg nog (the spiked kind) for breakfast until January. Maybe that will help ease the pain of this horrible economy. I will spare you a rant about that.

Looking at my calender I would have to project a birthday or birthday party every week until the end of the year. I'm going to be providing to the profit margin of Target in the coming months. Maybe they could trow down some discounts, like a buy one get one free gift card if you have 5 or more birthdays.

One of my very own is turning 11 next week.*sigh*

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!