Candy coma

The kids at a little pre-trick or treating function. Notice Braydon is to cool for a actual costume. Is he really at that age?...sigh!
Dale Earnhardt and Mulan posing on the porch. Yeah I said that right, Dale Earnhardt.
Mulan was so excited to wear make up. Almost too excited...I see trouble in my future.
The mustache is a crack up.

Thank Gawd Halloween is over. Don't get me wrong, I had fun trick or treating, going to all three classrooms for organized chaos and trying to explain to people why my daughter chose to be a dead race car driver. What can't a girl be a race car driver? 

 We are on serious candy over load around here, me included. I told the kids and myself 2 more days of candy, then it's all going in the garbage. The moaning and groaning is more then I could stand. So i said 3 days. If this candy is here any longer then that, we are going to need a dentist on retainer. 

I'm off to the gym now to burn off those 6 "Fun Size" candy bars I had for breakfast.