all of my weird-ness

I've been tagged for 7 random weird things about me. I'm not sure you all want to know this but, here goes...

1. When I sleep, my bare legs or feet can not touch each other. I sleep with the blanket tucked between my legs and feet.

2 When I was little I lost my front tooth 2 times. I had a baby tooth, it fell out.  Then I had a tooth that was pointed, it fell out. Finally my regular tooth came in.  It happened to my grandma too. 

3. I don't like it when my nieces and nephews show me their wiggly teeth. I get really grossed out. They all know it and of course they show me. EWWW!

4. I love going out on the front porch before I go to bed. I love smelling the fresh air and just hearing the silence of the night. I find it relaxing.

5. I have to brush my teeth with hot water. Cold water makes my teeth hurt. I'm seeing a pattern here with the teeth thing.

6. I have a different pillow pretty much every week. I have tried 100's of pillows and they all make my neck hurt so I pick random pillows from around the house. None of them work. Our trailer has every abandoned pillow in it. I would pay big money to find a pillow that worked.

7. I'm obsessed with wrapping packages. The corners have to be folded just right and no wrinkles. I get annoyed when the box is not a perfect square. If it's not, I use a gift bag.

Thank you to Riky for tagging me...this was rather fun.