Remembering you, remembering me.

Me & You.
Shoe boxes of faded photos, birthday cards, and letters is what I have left to hold on to. Some of the photos fill in the blanks of my life before I could remember. Some of the letters help me to understand the things going on in our lives that I never understood. 

Most things in those photos I hold close to my heart, Family picnics, Christmas, birthdays, funny snap shots, before things fell apart. Before we spend too much time apart. I'm sorry for those 11 years we missed. Only talking on holidays or birthdays. It was unacceptable for both of us to let that much time pass.

 The photos are the tangible things I know I can hold close to me. A part of you I can hold close. Your eyes took those photos. Something in those photos were special enough for you to want to document, that's what makes them special to me. Even though some are out of focus or grainy, I still consider them part of you. What was left of you. What was important to you.

On this day, your 61st birthday, I wonder what you would be saying about this life. What photos would you be taking? What moments would be special to you?

My heart misses you everyday.