Needed one pack mule or maid, can't decide which one.

Let's just start off by saying I love my dear sweet son. I hope he grows up to marry a strong woman. When I say strong, I do mean in personality and I hope she has a strong back to carry all of his junk.

On Saturday we had a football game first thing in the morning. The kids and I were up around 8, left the house by 8:45. Not enough time to make a mess. Oh, but wait. We got home around noon and I will leave you with a list of the things the boy has left laying around the house in 4 hours...
1 empty Power-ade bottle
1 small empty bag of chips
1 small 1/2 empty bag of cookies
1 backpack
2 sucker sticks with wrapper
1 cell phone
1 i pod
1 zip lock bag of Lego guys
1 stuffed animal
1 Guitar Hero guitar
2 Wii remotes
2 Wii games
1 belt
1 pair of jeans
football pants
football pads
1 pair of wet socks
Under Armor shirt
1 wet towel
1 water bottle
2 pairs of shoes
1 book