Loving the fall leaves

Everyday for the past week the kids have been playing in the leaves after school. They get home, have a snack, and outside they go with rakes in hand to make the biggest pile of leaves.

First round of jumping is a group thing. They hold hands, run, and all three dive into the leaves. Ellie is laughing so hard, most of the time she misses the pile.

Second round is each person gets a turn to jump alone. 

Third round is single jumps with a trick...this is especially fun to watch Lila do. She is such a chick, that her trick is the fact that she is jumping in feet first. (wouldn't want to get too dirty)

The final round is somersaults or flips.

You cannot forget the grand finale of throwing the leaves into the air while the others scream at the top of their lungs and run through them.

I'm so glad the leaves can be so much entertainment for them. Now, if they would just pick them up into the grass recycling bin, we'd all be happy.