Love is a wonderful thing

When we brought Ellie home in July of 2007 the love between these two was non-existent. Really who could blame them. Here they both were competing for attention. Ellie trying to find her place in this family, and Braydon trying to hold his place.

I do have to say, I worried that these two would never find common ground. He is always riding her case, and never cuts her any slack. He hardly ever lets her participate in any game unless he can have full control. Shocking!

She on the other hand, gives him dirty looks, rolls her eyes, ignores him on purpose, does all the things she knows irritates him and then turns around to make it look like it's his fault when he gets mad. She tries to undermine him, but he's a pretty smart cookie and catches on to her antics. This is when hell breaks loose around here.

We have gone round and round over this. Me trying to intervene. Trying to force them to be nice to each other. I became very exhausted doing this. So I chose to let them ride it out and find their own way. It has been hard not to intervene or lock them in a closet until they chose to like each other. But, one year and two months later, ding ding we have a winner!!! 

For the past few nights after football the two of them have laid in Braydons room, just the two of them watching cartoons after Lila has gone to bed. I don't want to disturb them so I have been letting them stay up 20 minutes past bed time...It's worth it.

I can here them up there talking. She is asking him questions. And he, like a big brother is totally eating it up, telling her all of his B.S. She is listening like a little sister, eating up all the attention her big brother is throwing her way.

I know it doesn't sound like much. For them, this is huge. Huge in the way of breakthrough huge. The walls are slowly breaking away.

I know she looks up to him. And I know he loves her. It just makes me happy to know that they do have moments.
Tonight my heart is full!