full moon or armageddon?

I cannot believe all of the stranger then strange things that have been going on. Each one getting stranger and stranger then the next.

We had a kid threaten to make a bomb and blow up 2 of the 5Th grade classrooms at our school. He found out how to do that via the internet. He told a a boy and the boy told his mom. Thank gawd he did, who knows what disaster that could have been. Braydon is in one of the classrooms on the hit list.

 Some idiot tried to rob an armored car here in town. His get away was a raft in the river...like I said IDIOT!

An 11 year old girl, whose brother is on our football team, walked off of an elementary school campus yesterday here in town (she was found 7 hours later) Her poor parents! It wasn't because she had a bad home life, it was because she wanted to go to Seattle to help people and become a singer. She would be so grounded!

 A friend has contracted E coli, from who knows where. He is really sick, but is thankfully recovering at home.

 Someone else I know is getting stalked by some strange woman and could possibly have to get a restraining order against this woman.

I told you strange stuff is going on!!

I'm beginning to wonder if I should just stay at home under the covers.