where does time go?

Teeth are brushed, new school clothes are laid  out on the bed, all three dumplings are asleep, resting their bones for the anticipated first day of school tomorrow.

Not one for them came downstairs for the extra drink of water or for a little extra reassurance hug  that all will be okay tomorrow. I think I need the reassurance hug that all will be okay tomorrow.

Me, I'm sitting here sad. Sad that my baby is going to all day kindergarten. Sad that my third grader is well, a third grader. She hasn't been with us long enough for that. I'm sad that my first born will be taller then me by the end of the year. I'm sad that he has matured so much over the summer. He is looking like a young man and not so much like my little baby boy.

What will I do all day? All three of them are going to be school all day. I will miss them. I will miss their sleepy little heads wandering down the stairs in the morning, plopping on the couch to watch cartoons. 

I know it will be nice to have "Me" time. I know it will be nice to get all my mommy things done with out having to take them all with me. But really, how long can that last? I give it a month and I'll either be really bored or will need a new hobby. Brandon is going to get really sick of me coming to his work for lunch. 

I really thought I was going to be more excited about this. I really thought I was going to be doing the snoopy dance by this time. What is it? What makes this so different? I even have our annual first day of school, girls only shopping trip planned, and I'm a bit sad. Why?

Looks like I need to go to bed before use all the tissue boxes the kids are supposed to take to school. What a cry baby I have become.