What a week!!!.

First day off school went off with out a hitch. Lila woke up with perma-grim. As I was walking her to her class she looked up at me with the biggest smile to tell me she could not stop smiling. She loves being in school. Loves her teacher, and loves the fact that she gets to have PE, music, and check out library books.

Braydon and Ellie had a good first day too. Braydon really likes his teacher. She is into art and that is right up his alley.

Ellie has the same teacher as she did last year and loves it. I asked her if anyone asked her about her hand or was weird about it and she said no. Of course looking at me like I'm an idiot. That's what I like to hear.
Braydon had his first photo shoot Friday. He had a total blast and everyone there was so cool. After the shoot Lila and Braydon were messing around so the photographer shot some pictures of them. The turned out really cute.
Braydon had his first football game Saturday. We played the league champs from last year....um, we got our butts handed to us on a platter. I know Tuesdays practice will be a grueling one. It's okay, now we know what we need to work on...EVERYTHING!! All the boys did good. I think they were intimidated by the word on the street, this team is good....and they were. There is always next week.
After a busy week of running here and there it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the last bit of good weather.