To be fair.

To be fair, Ellie is not the only pre-teen attitude I have going on in this house. Mr. Braydon is on the verge of a pre-teen beat down. The eye rolling, sighs, and the sometimes sassy mouth. 

He forgets that we all work around his schedule and spend most of our week doing HIS activities (football, modeling) He starts to get attitude with me when he doesn't get what he wants, when he wants it.....Well, sorry buddy most of the time it is about you. So quit with the eye rolls.

Why is it that the boy is not as hard for me to figure out? I can't figure out the hubby, why would I be able to figure out all this pre teen boy behavior? You would think I would have this girl thing down...I am one for Pete sake. But, Braydon is way easier then dealing with all the emotional girl drama...hands down...boy easier then girls...so far.

It's getting to the point where he doesn't want me hugging him goodbye at school. Heck, he won't even walk with us in the morning in fear that I will grab him for a hug. I know it's SO EMBARRASSING that your mom loves you......whatever!!! 

He doesn't want me volunteering in his classroom anymore. Being at the school doing other things, Okay. Being in his class, Not okay. 

He even asked me if I could not wear my workout clothes to school anymore, cuz it looks like I haven't taken a shower.....What a snob!!! Well, I'm not getting showered and dressed before I go workout, so get over yourself. 

Lets hope we are getting all of his sassy stuff out of the way now and be on auto pilot when the girls begin puberty.....a mom can wish, right?