Preteen at 9?

What are the words I am looking for? attitude, snippy, diva-ish and bossy. 

She turns her nose up at things she does not like. This (picture above) is the look everyone gets when she finds you annoying, not funny, or you are not doing what she thinks you should be doing. Cuz, you know she knows everything at 9 and everyone else is a dummy. 

She battles me with homework. Only doing what she thinks she should be doing and her way of doing it. Not following the directions, refusing to ask for help, snarled at me when I told her flip flops are not the best idea for PE day. 

When did this happen? Seems to me over night. When did she start with this preteen attitude? Since when does it start at 9? And why did no one warn me.

I have chatted with other moms, just to make sure I have not lost my mind. They have confirmed that I am NOT losing it and the list of behaviors is falling into the category of pre- teen diva. LUCKY ME!!!
As I have said before, most of the time I have to quickly in my head run through a long list of behavior contributors to make sure I'm providing the right punishment. I have to ask myself, is this adoption?, language barrier? orphanage?, age?, or girl?. Now, this is a long list of things to cover in a nano second. But, none the less I try to make sure that I'm doing right by her in allowing for some things and squashing others. This is tricky stuff. Lets just say 90% of all the behavior is that of 9 year old girl, only a small percentage is that of adoption or language.

I have years of this. And to make it better, I have 2 of them, Yeah me!!