8 years old 2007
August 2008 9 years old.
What a difference a year makes. I know I have said this a hundred times, but she has changed so much in a year.
 Yesterday was her official birthday. We took her shopping for her school coat, she got a haircut at the fancy salon, and picked Chinese food for her birthday dinner.
Her friends Kylie and Lily called her to wish her a happy birthday. Her teacher sent an email, Grandpa and Grandma J called to send her birthday wishes and to see what fun stuff she did on her special day, She finally opened her present that Aunt Mandy sent weeks ago, She has been saving it for her "real birthday"
 When I tucked her in last night she thanked us for a fun birthday and said, "Lots of people love me and I love them. I don't have birthday in China and people don't love you in China like at home."
I'm glad she knows home is where the love is!!! Maybe it was my birthday yesterday? *sniff*