Hey, I read your blog.

One of the very strange things about having a blog for me is when people in my small town tell me, "Hey I read your blog this morning....good stuff." 

It's one thing for Internet friends to write to me about a post or even have family members mention a particular topic I may have written about. To have a person you barely know physically standing in front of you saying, "Hey, in my free time I read about you and your family." It's a bit strange sometimes. It's like they know everything about me and I know nothing about them.

Of course in my head at those moments I'm thinking to myself, did I write something incriminating? did I go on a rant about some crazy mom at school? Or did I tell too much? 

Not that I write about things that go on at our school or some of the odd ball people in our community, or even share things that may come back to bite me. I really try to be a good blogger. But it really starts to make one feel a bit...hung out there.

Don't get me wrong I love that people read about my family. I love that I have this outlet to ramble on about random non-sense and to have this this tool for people to keep in touch with us. I think we are a bit boring, but my kids are cute and they do entertain me.

Sometimes I look at other blogs and think how fun it would be to be able to write about funny random strange stuff, but really my blog started with the journey to Lila and has now evolved into a blog about us and our daily life. I'm not really a mommy blogger, not really a women's issue blogger, and not all an adoption blogger....I'm just me telling the story of us.

I have met some fabulous people in this blog community. I even call some of them friends, even though we have never met in person. I have known some of them for years and shared moments with them that only friends do. And I thank them for that. 

The Internet is a funny thing. I'm glad and scared all at the same time to be putting myself and my family out there. But, at the same time, I wouldn't have it any other way. If my blog helps one person out there with an adoption issue, decision, or they find comfort in knowing I have BTDT (been there done that) or if I have made you laugh....then I have done my job and it was worth hanging it all out there.

So, to all of you in my little small town......be nice to me or you could be on the blog for the entire world to see....all hung out there...wink.