Comb your mullets, cuz were gonna ROCK out!!

First off I have to say...I LOVE YOU Jode & Marty!
They were able to score tickets to the best rock band of all time. And of course shared with me. 
Before you say no, not the best rock band ever... Think about it. Every time one of their songs come on, EVERYONE gets up to dance or bangs their head!!
My kids go crazy every time they hear those first few notes of Back in Black. Ellie gets her air guitar going in pure Angus style. Braydon runs around like a true front man lip syncing all the words, and Lila she just bangs her head.
This could be the last time any of us get to see them. Though I could see dear sweet Angus rockin until he's 80 in his little school boy outfit.
I was lucky enough to see them eh, um 20+ years ago. But, that doesn't count because I could not truly appreciate them, like I will now.