Yeah for Costco!!

The kids and I did our Costco shopping today for the big birthday bash on Sunday for Ellie, Lila, and cousin Ethan.  Earlier in the week I had Brandon order a cake from Costco and today was they day to pick it up. Who doesn't love Costco cake? It's big, feeds a ton of people, cheap for those of us on a new recession budget, and oh, so, YUMMY!!!! 

As I glide the cake out of the "special order" section I read the front to make sure it's ours. "Happy Birthday Ellie, Lila, Ethan." I said to in a voice only dogs can hear, as to add excitement to the fact that the party is only 2 days away.

The girls look at me with those big excited eyes, Braydon looking at me like I'm a total dork, and Ellie says, " Costco is so nice, I love Costco, I should say thank you to him." 

I replay," Me too honey, but why are they nice you need to say thank you to who?."

"They knew it was my birthday and they made me a cake, how did they know how to spell my name Ellie?"

Forget the fact that Lila and Ethan both have their names on it too.

Costco is so smart, they know when it's your birthday and they just make you a cake....it's magic!

I totally forgot to ask her who Costco was, I was still cracking up over the fact that she thought they just made you a cake out of the blue.