Show me your ink baby

Katie's octopus tat

While we were in Chelan this year all the kids got spray on tattoos.  Pretty harmless you say...Yeah right. That is all my girls can talk about is getting tattoos, real ones.

I've told them it's done with a needle, it hurts, and even threw out the blood part. Nope, they don't care, they want ink. It's even on the Christmas list this year.

I can't say that I'm a good example for them I have one and so do a couple of their uncles. But, do as I say, not do as I do...right! I don't regret my tattoo, but  I got mine during a time of my life that is very different from the life I have now. (It's a sun on my back) I don't really remember it hurting too bad, it didn't bleed, and I get another one in a heartbeat, but I'm the mommy!!!

I told them last night they had to be 18 before they could even think about getting tattoos. Ellie of course says, "Yeah, I only have to wait 9 years." 

Being the evil mom that I am. I'm going to post about the tattoos they say they want and in 9 years for Ellie and 13 years for Lila, they can look back at this post and hopefully laugh at the tattoos they think they want. I hope they change their minds.

Ellie wants Mulan on her bicep and Lila wants Sleeping Beauty on her shoulder. 

Thank goodness for waiting until you are 18.