Da Boys

McRae 2 Braydon 1 Waytt 10 months
 August 1999

Wyatt 9 Braydon 10 McRae 11
August 2008

They cannot remember a time they did not know each other. They have been each others best friends since before they could walk, They have been each others support through family tragedies, they have a very strange language all of their own, they fight like brothers, love like brothers, and defend each other like brothers, I pity they fool that tries to mess with the three of them. Many have tried to break the bond and many have failed.

It's funny how they can not see each other for a week and pick up right where they left off. Or they can be with each other for days in a row and find common ground to get along good.

From day one the bond has been inseparable, some can only dream to have a relationship like the three of them.....Life is Good!