5 today!!!!

Last night during our bedtime ritual I told Lila when she woke up in the morning she would be 5 years old. The smile on her face could have lit up the entire state of Washington.

This morning she was carried downstairs by baba, in pure princess fashion with her crown on.(really she did have a crown on) She had her favorite breakfast ( 4 scrambled eggs) and wore her birthday crown with pride the entire time, opened her present from Aunt Mandy & Cousin Alex (it was a huge hit BTW) and her card from Gpa Tracy & Gma Tina. (again stickers HUGE hit)

Today we will meet our friends and cousins for a day at a local water park. 

No big hoopla today. The party will be next week, but just knowing she is 5 years old today is enough for Miss Lila.