5 is a big number

Where does the time go? She is going to be 5 tomorrow. 5! In 4 weeks she will be in full day kindergarten. My heart is aching. My baby is growing up much to fast for my liking.

Sometimes it seems like Lila has always been with us, and others it's like we haven't had her long enough. 2.5 years has gone by so fast and she has grow so much. She isn't a toddler anymore, she is a 5 year old girl. 

Her legs are getting longer, she doesn't have toddler cheeks anymore, she talks about big girl stuff, and she can't wait for school. Ugh, my heart!

Lila is such a sweetie, it is hard for me to watch her grow up. She is the only one who wants to cuddle, she is the one who will stay to give you loves when the other two are off and running. 

I will miss my little shopping partner, my lunch buddy, and my cartoon watching friend. Nick Jr. will no longer be in the background as I clean.

She will be at big kid school learning, going to recess, and eating lunch out of her big kid lunchbox.

Sweet Lila, you are making my heart ache. You have no idea how much mom is going to miss you when you are at school, but I know there is nothing you can do about it, you are just doing what you are supposed to do, grow up. 
Lila's new bike, helmet, and riding gloves..  gloves were thrown in because it was her birthday, she loves them.