Rambling...it's what I do best

 Reality? Are you there? ah, there you are. Where to begin? First off Ellie has her bandages off. No more wound vac. She was so excited to have that dumb thing off.
All 5 of us went to the appointment, but once we got in there I could see the worry in Braydon and Lila's eyes. They really did not want to be there for the unveiling. I don't blame them. I was a bit nervous too.

I sent them out into the hall while I stood by the door and Brandon sat by Ellie. As the nurse began to cut the outer bandage off Ellie began to sob. She said it hurt, but I know her well enough to know she was just as scared as the rest of us. This was the first time she had cried over her hand being gone. 

I tried not to show my fear or tears and I could see Brandon trying to be strong for her as well. How do you keep a straight face and show no emotion when all she is doing is staring at you looking for a reaction. All I could tell her was she was being brave and it would be over soon. Or was I telling myself that?

Once it was all off and the nurse washed her arm off, the other two came in to see her and give her hugs. I could tell Lila was stressing out over it, but truthfully, all of us are going to have to see her arm and deal with the fact that she does not have a hand and that it doesn't look real pretty right now.

Ellie is doing real well. The only thing on her arm right now is a little piece of gauze and a sock. She says it is pretty sensitive.

The doctor okayed her to swim next week while we are camping as long as we keep sunscreen on the graft. She has been taking showers all by herself, getting dressed, riding her bike, playing catch with the football, doing her normal chores and still finding time to get into a bit of trouble.....nothing has changed there.

I will leave you with a few pictures of the 4th.

Waiting for the parade to start
Mr. Smarty pants

MMMM Marshmallows
Our friend (babysitter) Rylee and her dog Reba with a purple Mohawk.
Ellie went for a ride on the 4 Wheeler