Much needed hiatus.

After this past month of trauma centers, airlift rides, surgeries, slow economy, and high gas prices (while owning a x-large suv). We are going to throw caution to the wind and head out for a few days to one of our favorite places. Where the sun is hot, the water is clear and the beer is ice cold. A place where the kids ride bikes, swim, play in the sand, act silly, and crash of pure exhaustion each night.

A place where the adults sit around in lawn chairs, listen to music, read rag mags, drink ice cold beer, and wait for 4:30pm, when they can send the kids (9 of them) to their trailers to cool off, and take a break from each other. While the adults enjoy "Happy hour" drink more ice beer and prepare dinner. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

The doctor has okayed Ellie for swimming, as long as she wears sunblock on her graft. She needs this, heck we all need this.

Last year we did not get to do our annual trip, cuz we were in China getting little miss Ellie. So this year while on our trip we will be celebrating our 12 year wedding anniversary, and Ellie's 1 year home anniversary. So much to celebrate......with an ice cold beer.