moms & daughters

As a mom of two girls with very different and distinct personalities, I can't help but wonder what sort of relationship we will have in the future. Why don't I worry about my relationship with the boy?

I watch other moms who have daughters older then mine and take mental notes of things I feel may be helpful to me in the future and the things I don't want us to be.

I want to do right by them. I don't want then to grow up thinking Prince Charming is going to take care of them, or your looks will get you what you need. They both are very cute, if you haven't noticed. And they know it too.

When we say, "your so cute." We also follow it up with smart and funny. 

I want then to be confident, independent young women with the common sense to make wise choices and go after their dreams. Isn't that what every parent wants?

How do you build self esteem without making them to reliant on your constant approval? 

Both girls right now have been through a lot in their short little lives. Some of it Brandon and I will be able to help them get past, some of it will be with them forever. 

I want to be there as guidance and help them rise above some of the things they will carry with then forever.  I also want a strong mom/daughter friendship. I do know right now I cannot be their best friend, I have to be the mom. But, I can't help but think to the future too.

I look a moms shopping/doing lunch with their daughters and  think do they really want to be together or are each of then making a sacrifice to be cordial? I don't want that. I want the genuine thing, the real friendship. With out being smothering too.

So much pressure to be a good mom to girls.