The highs and lows of summer camp.

This is what 5 days of camp does to you....

Braydon & McRae happy at camp
It has been 4 days now since Braydon has been home from his first week long stay at summer camp with 3 of his buds.

 Saturday morning when we went to pick him up, he was all smiles, so polite, loving and enthusiastic about showing us all the things he did and learned at summer camp. He introduced us to some of his new friends and rambled on a mile a minute, like only Braydon can do.

I was so excited that he had a good time, learned new things, and met new friends, isn't that what you want your kids to do at summer camp? At least I did. I wanted it to be a growing experience for him. Sort of letting him spread his wings. It may have backfired.

He did say by the end he was homesick and it was starting to get boring. 5 days is a long time with your friends and away from home. Even on a 5 day camping trip I'm a little spent and homesick, and I'm not sleeping in a cabin built in the 50's, on a nasty mattress from the 50's, with 11 other stinky preteen boys. (only one stinky husband after beer, brats, and potato salad)

I was feeling pretty good about the decision to send him to a 5 day camp. It was the first time he would be away from home this long with out either of us.

I will admit, it was rough on me. I missed him. I Sent him little letters everyday. I didn't go as far as sending any care packages, but apparently I should have, according to him. (note to self, care package to camp)

We got home, things were still pretty good. You could tell he was wiped out. And then in slow motion the wheels began to fall off the happy bus. The happy go lucky camper was slowly falling apart.

I think his mind and body had finally collapsed. For the past 3 days all he has done is eat and sleep. He took a 2 hour nap and still went to bed at normal time. His poor little boy body was out of gas.

I will admit, he has not been a treat to be around. He is grumpy, moody, and snappy.  I asked him to help me put some clothes away and all I got was a giant sigh and an eye roll. His poor sisters missed him so much and now that he is home all they want to do is avoid his grumpy-ness.

I'm hoping he will snap out of it soon. I'm starting to wonder if camp was a good idea or not. It's taking longer then he was gone to catch up on rest and to resume to our daily schedule.

He said he had fun and wants to go again next year...we will see.