Chelan 2008

The gang waiting for ice cream.
Lila feels the need, the need for speed!!!!

All good things must come to an end. The 7 days of hot sun and hanging out with your best friends has come to a close for another year.

This was Ellie's first year doing "Chelan" She had a blast. Nothing stopped her from enjoying it to the fullest. She swam, rode her bike a million miles, went down gigantic water slides, went out in the boat, hoola- hooped so much I thought she was going to throw out a hip, ran relay races, played in the sand and managed to crash out every night from pure exhaustion. She had the full on Chelan experience. Before we even pulled out of camp on Saturday she wanted to know if we were coming back soon. I think she may have liked it.

As for her wound, the dry heat made it heal really nice. It looks good, the scar is shrinking, and she is not wearing the sock on it at home. She says it feels food to have the sock off.

Here are a few pic's of our week in the sun. Why can't we go back for 7 more days? Oh yeah, jobs. Dang jobs keep getting in the way of every ones fun..

365 more days until next year.

Group photo. Our tripod was a garbage can.

Plug your nose girl!!!