You have to have a sense of humor

A few weeks ago Carrie and I went to see SATC (Sex and the City) One part from the movie has been playing over in my head.

One of the Characters asks, after a horrible break up, "When will I laugh again?"
Her friend says,"When something is really funny."
This is so true.

Ellie, Lila, and I were on our way home from the grocery store, where Ellie is a rock star.  She gets free samples of fresh strawberries, cookie, stickers, cheese, peperoni and blueberries. I'd have a stomach ache if I ate all that, but she loves all the rock star treatment and the other two ride on her coat tails for all the free treats too.

On our way home Ellie says, "Mom what is a fake hand?"
I reply, "It's a pretend hand that you can put on the end of your arm to look like you have a hand. It doesn't work like a real hand it just looks like one."
She asks me, "What is it made of ?"
 I reply, "rubber." 
"What is rubber?"
I'm trying to think of a word that will help her understand what rubber is, so I say, "Some toys are made of rubber."
Lila pipes in, "Vinny's squeaky toys are made of rubber."
Ellie starts cracking up laughing and says, "Oh no, if I had a rubber hand Vinny would bite my hand and it would go squeeeeeeeak."

The three of us laughed with tears rolling down our faces all the way home. It felt good.