one more surgery down

Today we had another surgery to assess her arm. As far as we know right now everything looks good, clean and is healing nicely. The surgeon said the tissue is growing like it should and hopefully (cross you fingers) next week they will be able to close it up with a skin graft.

According to the surgeon, where they take the skin graft is going to hurt more then where they put it on her arm....Go figure.

She is still amazing me with her questions and bravery, but on the flip side girlfriend is getting used to all the attention, gifts, balloons, cards, flowers, and well wishes, what a luck girl.

Thank you to everyone for all the support, prayers, positive thoughts, and good vibes, we will take them all.

To answer a few questions, Braydon and Lila saw the entire thing. Braydon even tried to pull her hand out. They are doing well. We have been talking about it with them when we can so that they know it won't happen to them and Braydon did everything right in trying to pull her hand out and by running to get us. 

Brandon's grandpa is doing well also. He feels so bad and I'm sure very traumatized as well. We keep him in our thoughts everyday.

Me I'm doing good. I'm trying to keep every ones schedules as close to the same as possible. Braydon went to his little job yesterday and will go back to taek won do tomorrow. So we are out doing things and also showing Ellie that life isn't going to change too much, we will still do all the things we used to do, just a bit different. i don't want her to feel like a victim and I don't want the other two to be resentful of her is things have to be on hold for too long for them.
Hope fully next week the wound will be closed and all surgeries will be done.

Again, Thank you to everyone for your kind words, they really mean a lot to us right now.

Soon I will have to post all the  funny things that Ellie has said, but I keep running out of time. This accident has not hindered her sense of humor at all....maybe even made her a bit more sassy...OH, GREAT!!