Nothing is going to stop her.

Ellie is one crazy girl. Yesterday she strapped on her little machine in her Hello Kitty backpack and off she went. 
We went to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda. (funny movie BTW) After we got home I asked her if she wanted to lay down to rest.... "Um, NO thank you mommy." in her 8 year old diva, you are so stupid for asking voice.

There she went outside to shoot hoops, check the mail, blow bubbles and to practice casting her new custom fishing pole that her Gpa B made just for her. She is getting pretty good at it, I think she may be ready for some fishing.

One time I went out on the deck to check on what the three of them were doing, because it was way too quite. There was Braydon trying to talk Ellie into getting in a box, so he could push her down the hill. (think soap box derby style) She was going to do it! I had to explain, not yet, maybe in a few weeks. At least they had helmets on.

Nice to see not too much has changed.